Selling an Acreage

Selling an Acreage in Alberta

Why are urbanites flocking to rural communities?

Well, it could be as simple as escaping the hectic life of the city. Maybe it's the petty crime? Maybe some people just want to hang out with a moose. There's nothing wrong with that!

Overall, people are trying to slow life down. This is key to selling your acreage. How can you show your acreage in such a way that buyers will line up to experience the peace and tranquility that your property provides.

Here are a few tips on getting your acreage prepared for sale:

1. Maintain it! If buyers see work, they don't see tranquility! Mow that lawn, trim the edges, and clean up any debris and garbage. Many acreages have little junk zones where unwanted materials collect. Unlike your kitchen "junk drawer", you can't hide this.

2. Water. Water. Water. A clean water supply is the most concerning issue for acreage buyers. They need to know the water is clean and healthy. If it isn't, they're not going to get a mortgage from the bank, let alone make an offer. I highly recommend getting a water potability test and having it accessible to acreage buyers when they look at your property. If you have service records, write up a summary of the service history of your water filtrations system. Chances are a full test of your water system will be part of the home inspection, so be prepared.

3. Septic. City folk are spoiled with their fancy sewage systems. First time acreage buyers aren't going to understand the difference between a Septic field and a septic hill, let alone understand what their purposes are. Providing a document outlining the septic system, including service dates will go a long way towards alleviating the concerns of the new acreage buyer.

There are a million articles on how to stage your home for sale. I can help with that. I can also help you put together some information documents for buyers that protect your privacy while sharing important information with buyers.

Contact Mike for more help with selling your acreage.