Top 5 Questions About Buying An Acreage in Alberta

Buying an Acreage in AlbertaIt seems like everybody wants to move to the country lately. With more people working at home combined with greater access to high speed internet, people are buying acreages in Alberta at a record pace. Everyone has different reasons for moving to Edmonton's rural communities, but they all have the same questions and concerns.

Living in the city, Edmontonians learn to take basic services like water and sewage for granted.


On to the questions:

1. What are the water supply options for acreages?

Around Edmonton, you will find acreages with full access to city services including water and sewage. However, these are not the norm. The majority of acreages have wells, or cisterns. There are both drilled wells and bored wells. A drilled well, is quite deep and accesses water sources in the range of 100'-200' deep. A bored well can be found in areas with a high water table, and are quite shallow (10'-20' deep). If you're looking at an acreage with a cistern, you're going to have to be prepared to pay for water to be trucked in to your property.


2. What about sewage?  Septic Tanks, fields, hills and more!

Sewage options vary by rural county. In some areas around Edmonton the requirements for sewage disposal are very strict, requiring expensive sewage treatment plants. In other areas, a septic tank and field are acceptable.  Some regions require septic mounds or hills.  I keep up to date on the changes, and can help ensure you're not walking into a situation where you have to lay out $30,000 for a new septic system.


3. Where do my kids go to School when living on an acreage and how do they get there?

Your kids will have the opportunity to live up to Grandpa's stories, and battle 4 foot snowdrifts while walking backwards for miles! Just kidding. There are some great schools in Edmonton's rural communities that aren't suffering from overcrowding like the suburban schools. The majority of school districts around Edmonton offer great bus service to acreage communities.


4. What will I need to buy for an acreage?

This question really depends on you. For almost all acreages you will need at least a riding lawnmower and a snowblower to deal with basic maintenance. Your dream acreage may be on a lake, surrounded by trees or on top of a hill overlooking your corral filled with horses. Each scenario requires different equipment and outbuildings.


5. What about Internet access in rural Alberta?

There are parts of Parkland County west of Edmonton with some of the best wireless infrastructure in Canada and some parts of Strathcona County where you're lucky to get decent dial-up. There's quite a variance in the quality of high speed internet services around Edmonton. However, it's just a matter of time before everyone catches up. No matter where you decide to move, there are options.

If you're looking for an acreage around Edmonton, Contact Mike!